Brainstorming: BGs Birthday Cake Concept 2016

BG, ie Baby Girl, gave me her initial theme or idea for her birthday cake this year so I’m now beginning my brainstorming mode.  Thankfully I have around a month to come up with a complete concept that I have to actually turn into reality.  I think that she may even give me a little room to play with the actual cake flavor instead of the standard chocolate, vanilla or even confetti cake, all of which I just do from a box mix.

She is wanting another ballet theme cake this year, but wants the focus to be on the pointe shoes.  I already have a very rough idea of where I’d like to take that, but am not sure how I’d pull it off, so it is going to have to take some real creativity and thought to get it to come out the way I want it to look.

When talking about flavors, I reminded her of one of the flavors I made for my brother’s wedding reception, so she might go with that, which is an awesome strawberry cake.  That would give me some room to even have some fun coming up with an icing that would work well with it.  The one I did for the reception was a pink champagne icing (again, it was wonderful), but I don’t think I want something that sophisticated for this.

Figuring out how to combine the two ideas is what is going to be the most difficult.  The strawberry cake isn’t one that would hold up well to the sculpting idea I have for the pointe shoes, so I may end up doing two different cakes with the strawberry being a base/support layer and the rest being something else.

I haven’t come up with a really solid concept yet, but it is a start.  BG is the best at pushing my creativity when it comes to the designs on my cakes and it is looking like this year is going to be no exception,


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