Not So Easy

Snowy Creek

I really thought that I was being smart when I reset my daily step count goal to 5000.  I mean, there for a while towards the end of the summer I was getting a daily average every month of over 11,000.  5000 shouldn’t be that hard.  I did okay, even good the first couple of days this week and then yesterday I was busy in the kitchen, got really close and then up and forgot to get a little bit more walking in after the kids went to bed and missed my goal by less than 300.  Today, another day spent playing in the kitchen, isn’t looking much better.

I know that it is shocking how you can feel seriously busy all day and get so few steps.  I do know, because I’ve been doing this for over a year now, so I shouldn’t be so shocked that spending the day on my feet making cupcakes does not mean I’ve gotten in a bunch of steps.  This time of year is exceptionally hard for me to get up and move.  My energy is at zilch and I’m cold all the frickin’ time.  Getting up away from the warm cozy to walk around takes a level of drive and motivation that I’m not feeling so much right now.

I refuse to lower my goal any more because that is just giving my lazy an excuse and it really doesn’t need any more.  I’ve just got to figure out something other than what I’m currently doing.  I’m tempted to set an alarm on my phone as a reminder just so I won’t forget again.  Nothing irks me quite so much as being that close to my goal and missing it because I forgot.  I forgot is not an acceptable reason for missing my goal yesterday.  As it stands now, I’m going to be walking for a while between now and bed to get the rest of my steps for today as well.

I can say that the last couple of days have been a bit more balanced with other activities as I didn’t spend all that time only reading.  I managed to get a couple of baking projects done and a good start on the Kitchen blog going, so that is one plus in the finding a better balance intent.  Now I just have to work on a non-kitchen project and actually hit that step goal and I’d be doing awesome on that front.


Author: TJ Fox

Slightly sane artist, book addict, wife and mom who is forever rethinking her place in this world.

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