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Past Cake Projects

I’m getting ready to head into what I consider cake season as all of my kids birthdays fall over the next couple of months.  Sadly, the two oldest no longer want a “cool” cake that I can get really creative with, so I may end up only actually doing my daughter’s cake, which she never fails to push me to top the previous year.

I thought I’d post a few cakes that I’ve done over the years. These are some of my favorites for a variety of reasons. Some were just fun, some it was because of the subject and what it meant, like the Bobo cake (my oldest’s favorite stuffed animal in cake form) and some are there because I’m just seriously amazed that I actually managed to pull it off, like the ballet dress cakes.  The first of which I did without actually seeing the costume and only had a couple of tiny fabric samples and a very rough drawing to work from for inspiration.  The second was done for the teacher’s daughter after she saw the first one and fell in love with it, for which I had the actual costume to work from and is the first time I’ve ever made the same cake twice.

For the most part, these are in order from my earliest cakes to my most recent.



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