General Update

2015 Review

I thought I’d come close this year to hitting last year’s reading numbers and I got kind of close.  I’m glad I didn’t actually read that many because I really kind of felt like a bit of slacker when I saw 2014s numbers.

New to me books read in 2015 – 396
Books that I’d read before 2015 – 41
For a total number of books in 2015 – 437

I didn’t set any actual reading goals.  I’m not much for that as it tends to set a person up for failure and I like to feel like I actually accomplished something, even if it was small.  The one thing I was hoping for was to find at least one new author that I’d be willing to actually buy their books and anxiously await new releases, preferably in the fantasy genre.  I didn’t think it would be as difficult as it apparently is because I didn’t find one.  There were a couple of times reading the first book or two of a series where I got really excited by the potential, only to have it peter out by the second or third book in the series.  This is something that is definitely going to be carried on into 2016.

I read quite a few great books this year, but these are the ones that were my favorites.

Cast In HonorCast in Honor – Michelle Sagara


Deceptions – Kelley Armstrong

A Red-Rose Chain

A Red-Rose Chain – Seanan McGuire

Dark Heir

Dark Heir – Faith Hunter


Oracle – Michelle West

Vision in Silver

Vision In Silver – Anne Bishop


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