Hollywood Dirt: Alessandra Torre

Hollywood DirtAuthor: Alessandra Torre
Book Name: Hollywood Dirt
Series: *
Order: *
Genre: Romance
Rating:  Okay

Blurb:  Cole Masten. Abandoned by his superstar wife, Hollywood’s Perfect Husband is now Hollywood’s Sexiest Bachelor: partying hard and screwing even harder. Move over Colin Farrell, there’s a new bad boy ruling Los Angeles.

Summer Jenkins. That’s me, a small town girl stuck in Quincy, Georgia. I cook some mean chicken and dumplins, can bluff a grown man out of his savings in poker, and was voted Most Friendly my senior year. Other than that… I don’t have too much going on.

We were from different worlds, our lives shouldn’t have collided. But when Cole Masten’s jet landed in our country airport, we all sat up in our rocking chairs and watched. And when an opportunity crossed my path, I jumped at the chance. But I didn’t expect what ended up happening. I didn’t expect Cole Masten to be an ass, or to pursue me, or for everything to get tangled up around set riggings and heartstrings.

Sometimes, opposites just aren’t meant to attract.

Review:  Not really sure what I was expecting with this read, something a little deeper maybe, but this wasn’t quite it.

The biggest reason this was only an okay read for me and not even a good one is because I just didn’t like either one of the characters.  Cole is incandescently arrogant and blindly self absorbed.  There really wasn’t anything at all to like about him.  Summer, I think was supposed to be kind of broken with a little attitude tossed on the side, but I struggled to get those two sides to really mesh and ended up feeling more like she walked around on in a one man pity party all the time when she wasn’t looking for ways to make her life lazy.

I’m not a fan of seeing male characters act like jerks and have the females get all melty when they show they actually have a sliver of a human side.  Sorry, I’d much rather just see the human.  There is not excuse to be that kind of a jerk or that self inflated.  I also really don’t like the female characters that are just looking for someone to take care of her and can only see the wallet and the body.  Though, the just seeing the wallet or the body aspect really does go for both the guys and the girls.

Since that is pretty much all that this one had going on, this one just wasn’t all that great for me.


Author: TJ Fox

Slightly sane artist, book addict, wife and mom who is forever rethinking her place in this world.

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