Dead Guilty: Diane Fallon Forensic Investigation, Book 2

Dead Guilty

Dead GuiltyAuthor: Beverly Connor
Book Name: Dead Guilty
Series: Diane Fallon Forensic Investigation
Order: #2
Genre: Suspense/Mystery
Rating:  Really Good

Blurb:  In Beverly Connor’s absorbing series, the bones of the dead reveal the secrets of the living. In this latest investigation, forensic anthropologist Diane Fallon must lead a chilling excavation of a crime with harrowing implications: the murder of three people, hanged execution-style in an isolated patch of Georgia woods.

Review:  While I did like this one, I didn’t like this quite as much as the first book, which is a disappointment.

In the first book, we saw some issues with the police, but it worked because it was a part of a larger sort of political posturing thing.  As far as I was concerned, that was pretty much taken care of in book one, but we see a level of ignorance and incompetence from the police characters in this book that is on the annoying side.  I hope this isn’t going to be a trend in Diane’s character and her team that they are the only ones that are capable of doing anything to solve the crimes and that the police don’t do anything to contribute at all, including interviewing witnesses.  That is a bit of a peeve of mine in the crime/police drama types of books (and TV and movies).

This was also a bit drier and, at points more tutorial/instruction manual.  Those points were, thankfully, presented during a part of the story where it made sense, but it was a bit too much.  It was also kind of a stretch that Neva gets dumped on the team from the police department with no apparent forensic background and luckily she is an artist, which no one apparently knew before she got dumped.  It is also a stretch that supposedly, because she is an artist, she is good at any form of art; drawing, sculpting, computer generated and with any kind of subject; animal, person/facial, reconstruction, objects and apparently architecture.  Is it possible?  Sure.  Is it probable?  Kinda not so much.

I hate that those things came up for me because I loved book one.  These are issues for me and make me like this quite a bit less because those things pull me out of the story when they are just too far out of the bounds of believable.  You can push those boundaries in a lot of ways, but once you cross way over, then it just isn’t as fun of a read any more.  I think this rating is even, in part, a bit of a carry over from book one and hope the next will be more like that than it is as much about this book.

Author: TJ Fox

I am a slightly sane artist, amateur photographer, book addict, wife, mom and raging introvert. I have more hobbies than I can count, so it is beyond shocking that I manage to find time to do any of them, let alone most of them and still have time to do anything else. Of all the talents I claim, writing wasn’t one of them until my muse dropped the idea for a book on my head.

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