Chain of Command: Greenway Range, Book 1

Chain of Command

Chain of CommandAuthor: Helenkay Dimon
Book Name: Chain of Command
Series: Greenway Range
Order: #1
Genre: Romance
Rating:  Didn’t Like


Blurb:  Retired marine Sawyer Cain can’t forget all he’s seen and lost, but he can try to start over. Opening a gun range with his closest friends is the first step toward a new life–one where he finally buries the guilt he can’t seem to shake. So much depends on the property he needs to buy…and the gorgeous but completely frustrating woman who refuses to sell it.

Hailey Thorne is done–with loss and with anything military, after the closest thing she had to an uncle died in Afghanistan. When Sawyer shows up on her porch he has military written all over him. He’s one more in a long line of people who wants the land she inherited, and suddenly he’s everywhere she goes. Hailey can’t get the broad-shouldered, dirty-talking, dead-serious man out of her head. Or her life.

Sawyer’s not above using his skills in the bedroom to try to convince her to sell, and Hailey is more than willing to let him. Their pleasure-only arrangement works…until emotions get in the way. But Sawyer has a secret he’s convinced will have Hailey hating him forever, and Hailey’s not willing to risk loving anyone she could lose.

Review:  There were so many things that were off on this book that I couldn’t even manage an okay rating for it.  One of the most annoying and noticeable issues was with editing.  I think one part was the result of a conversion issue between one format and another resulting in quite a few sentences ending in “3/4” instead of whatever text was supposed to be there.  It is really hard to figure out what is being said in conversations when huge parts of those conversations are missing.  That is not an issue with the writing, but with some technical issue on some other person’s part.  There were other issues that were related to editing and writing that were just as annoying.  So many times words were either missing or wrong and I’d have to go back and reread parts a couple of times to try and figure out what was actually meant.  Nothing is worse than being yanked out of a story to try and figure out something shouldn’t have even been an issue.

Beyond the technical and editing issues, the story itself just didn’t interest me at all.  The characters were not well developed, made no sense and didn’t mesh with what the author was supposedly trying to portray.  Both were so sex on the brain you would think that they were horny teenagers that just discovered sex with another person for the first time.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love a good sexy story as much as the next person, but so many times sex came up and totally overrode a serious conversation at completely inexplicable points in the story that I was left wondering how we went from point A to point 3BZ0 without a transition.  Not only that, those scenes were generally lacking and on the dull side.

I felt the same way about the dialog.  There would be a thread of conversation going along and at the next turn of character speaking, you are on some completely other thread without any recognizable tangent.  That left me wondering if the whole format transition issues had eliminated larger parts of the book and not just parts of sentences, but I really think that was just the way this was written.  I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have whiplash by the time I finished.  That was if I didn’t think that I’d lost all ability to follow a conversation or story line.  For a bit there, I felt kind of stupid because I didn’t get half of what I was reading.  There was no natural conversational or scene transition rhythm.

The format and editing issues had me nearly stopping this book early on, but I pushed through.  Being an optimist, I had hope it would get better, but by the time I finally finished, this really wasn’t worth it because there just wasn’t anything that I found redeeming in it.


Author: TJ Fox

Slightly sane artist, book addict, wife and mom who is forever rethinking her place in this world.

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