Book Review · Sarah Gilman

Ashes: Sarah Gilman

AshesAuthor: Sarah Gilman
Book Name: Ashes
Series: *
Order: *
Genre: Romance/Fantasy
Rating:  Okay


Blurb:  Accidents happen for a reason…

Journalist Ambrosia Pellerin accepts an assignment involving the legendary phoenix, expecting, if nothing else, a little entertainment. Instead, she winds up pregnant—by a surprisingly human-looking firebird, Reece Bennu.

As the Phoenix prince, Reece is next in line to the throne and expected to marry a purebred royal. A common human such as Ambrosia is not in the cards. He swears, though, he’ll never be an absentee father.

As Ambrosia’s due date grows closer, so do the soon-to-be parents. But will their tentative love survive the prejudice of Reece’s grandmother, who will stop at nothing to tear the two apart?

Review: Reading the blurb for this raised some doubts for me about whether I was going to like this, but I was willing to take a chance anyway.  You never know where an author is going to go with a plot.

Stating right up front that the main female character gets pregnant left the door wide open, but I really didn’t expect it to go the route of immaculate conception via ashes.  That was a bit odd, but this is a fantasy novel, I’ll play along.

The story was okay and I think I would have liked it better, but the ending is so incredibly anticlimactic and it doesn’t actually resolve much other than, “Oh, yeah, I actually love you”.  The family issues on both sides don’t really get a resolution.  How did they resolve the issue with her family supposedly not being allowed to know (yet there are humans all over the place in their little private community).  There is no real reason presented for the total personality transplant the grandmother underwent at some point or an explanation as to why she’d even come close to hurting her grandchildren.  I guess she just felt like it.

This really did fall right between the okay and not liking it at all.  There are some good points and I give credit for creativity, but it fell down with fleshing out that creativity.


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