When We Fall: Emily Liebert

When We Fall

When We FallAuthor: Emily Liebert
Book Name: When We Fall
Series: *
Order: *
Genre: Romance
Rating:  Didn’t Like


Blurb:  Ready for a fresh start, Allison Parker moves back to her hometown in the suburbs of New York. While she’d once savored the dynamic pace of city life, sadly, it lost its allure after her husband’s untimely death. Now, ready to focus on her art career accompanied by her ten-year-old son, Logan, Allison doesn’t anticipate that her past will resurface. When the wife of her husband’s best friend from summer camp takes her under her wing, things begin to spin out of control.

At one time, Charlotte Crane thought she had it all—a devoted husband, a beautiful little girl, and enough financial security to never have to worry. But behind her “perfect” facade lie a strained marriage and a fractured relationship with her sister. When “new girl” Allison arrives in Wincourt, Charlotte welcomes the chance to build a friendship. Before long, Charlotte begins to see her life through Allison’s eyes, and the cracks in her seemingly flawless existence become impossible to ignore.

As Allison heals from the loss of her husband—even wondering if she might be ready to date again—Charlotte feels more distant from her loved ones than ever before. The emerging friendship between the two women appears to be just the antidote both of them so desperately need…until everything falls apart.

Review:  This isn’t a romance.  Not in the terms that most people would classify that genre in any case.  It is a story about bored, wealthy, materialistic, greedy, snotty, self-centered, entitled idiots that underneath it all are really miserable little people with zero self esteem.

I honestly didn’t find anything redeeming in a single one of the characters in this book.  For the majority of the story, I thought that Allison was the only decent person in the whole mess.  Turns out, she is just this paragon of virtue that can forgive any offense, no matter how horrid and awful, which actually makes her a door mat.

With some of the stuff that happened in this book, there should have been some claws unsheathed and some serious ass kicking, but no.  It was, I was just utterly shredded so I’m going to go cry in a corner until I get an apology and then everything is back to rainbows and bunny farts perfect.

I cannot stand the personality types that are everywhere in this book in real life.  I can tolerate them even less in the book world.  Spiteful, catty, social climbing, elitists.  You get pretty much every bit of this here.  It is not entertaining.

You have Allison, the doormat.  Charlie, the asshole husband that thinks the wife that doesn’t have a job outside the home doesn’t actually do real work and that it is totally okay to not do squat at home to help out but that it is totally okay to go help some other woman with all her stuff.  Charlotte, the wife with zero self esteem, suspects everyone of hiding ulterior motives, is maybe a size 6 and cannot get over how fat she is and practically has dollar signs running through her head with regards to everything in her life.  Elizabeth, the sister that can’t be bothered to do a thing for herself and has no problem mooching off her sister and letting her sister do everything that needs to be done for their parents.

I seriously disliked this on so many levels.  The fact that you read through all of these truly awful people and think there is no way that this is going to be a pretty end, but it is.  From all sides and seriously, forgiveness and acceptance of awful people and the things they do is only believable to a point.  The fact that this ended with everyone perfectly okay with each other and are still friends or their marriage is now all fixed and perfect is just not even remotely realistic.  So, yeah.  Not a romance.  Fantasy?  Yeah, not even in that genre does it work.

Author: TJ Fox

Slightly sane artist, book addict, wife and mom who is forever rethinking her place in this world.

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