Book Review · Mary Calmes

Acrobat, Mary Calmes

AcrobatAuthor: Mary Calmes
Book Name: Acrobat
Series: **
Order: **
Genre: LGBT/Romance
Rating:  Really Good


Blurb: Forty-five-year-old English professor Nathan Qells is very good at making people feel important. What he’s not very good at is sticking around afterward. He’s a nice guy; he just doesn’t feel things the way other people do. So even after all the time he’s spent taking care of Michael, the kid across the hall, he doesn’t realize that Michael’s mob muscle uncle and guardian, Andreo Fiore, has slowly been falling in love with him.


Dreo has bigger problems than getting Nate to see him as a potential partner. He’s raising his nephew, trying to leave his unsavory job, and starting his own business, a process made infinitely more difficult when a series of hits takes out some key underworld players. Still, Dreo is determined to build a life he can be proud of—a life with Nate as a cornerstone. A life that is starting to look like exactly what Nate has been seeking. Unfortunately for Dreo—and for Nate—the last hits were just part of a major reorganization, and Dreo’s obvious love for Nate has made him a target too.

Review:  Totally enjoyed this one.  Of all the various LGBT romance books I’ve read, especially in the MM genre, this has got to be one of the better ones.  The author took the time to focus on all aspects of the story, plot, characters, dialog, scenes… everything.  And it shows.

I was so completely engrossed in this story that, while reading late into the night, hours has passed before I realized how late it had gotten.  This is not something that happens to me very often, and while reading a romance of any kind, even less often.

While Nate is kind of too perfect, he is still such an awesome character that you can’t help but love him.  I was a little iffy on Dreo at first, but really got hooked on him before too long as well.

I also really like that while this was a pretty warm and sweet story, it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine perfection.  It was close, but had just enough of the tough stuff to make it more real.

I will absolutely be picking up other books from this same author in the future.


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